Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects


A Homeowner's Guide To Frost Cracks In Trees

The formation of a frost crack in a tree trunk can be alarming. Often a large cracking sound rings out as the crack forms. You will also notice deep vertical cracks running up the trunk, which may widen or close up in response to changing temperatures. Understanding the phenomenon can help you protect your landscape trees. Causes Frost cracks form on cold, clear winte

Tree Maintenance And Care Tips For Homeowners

There are many responsibilities that will come with owning a home. While much of this responsibility will deal with simply maintaining the house itself, the landscaping will also need regular work to keep it in good condition. In particular, the trees growing on the property can require special care to keep them in good condition. Ineffective Tree Care Can Be Dangerou

Common Landscaping Brickwork

Individuals will often associate brickwork with large buildings and other construction. However, it will also often be used in various landscaping projects. Not surprisingly, brickwork services will often have to assist their clients with performing a variety of different projects. Retaining Wall Repairs Many individuals will choose to use brick and mortar for any ret

Bamboo Removal? The Problems And The Solution

In nature, most plants have a natural beauty that can lead humans to believe they might be wonderful additions to the lawn or garden. Bamboo, with its exotic canes and the tall, leafy silhouette is a perfect example of a plant that looks harmless but quickly turns into an overgrown mass capable of encompassing large areas.   The rhizome problem  Many pl

5 Landscape Maintenance Tips For Happy Pets And Pet Owners

Pet owners love the four-legged members of their families and want to make a great home for them. But how can you ensure an enjoyable yard for both the human and the animal family members? Here are five landscape maintenance tips to help everyone get along. 1. Work With Pet Paths. Desire paths are natural, unplanned pathways that develop over time due to continued use