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5 Landscape Maintenance Tips For Happy Pets And Pet Owners

Pet owners love the four-legged members of their families and want to make a great home for them. But how can you ensure an enjoyable yard for both the human and the animal family members? Here are five landscape maintenance tips to help everyone get along.

1. Work With Pet Paths.

Desire paths are natural, unplanned pathways that develop over time due to continued use. Where are your pets' desire paths? Does your dog, like many, patrol the perimeter? If so, work with pet desire paths rather than against them. This could be as simple as leaving a foot or two of space between the fence and plantings. Your dog will be happy and you'll have a beautiful yard. 

2. Let Grass Grow.

Pets of all kinds tend to love a good lawn. While some homeowners want to reduce the amount of grass in their yards for low-maintenance purposes, consider instead working to make it better for everyone. Let grass grow a little more between mowing sessions. Keep it healthy with pet-friendly fertilizer. Strategize your watering plan for maximum impact with minimal water. Making grass healthy helps it withstand animal activities.

3. Go Organic.

Avoid toxic chemicals in your landscape care and maintenance. Instead, look for solutions that address the root causes of pests, disease, unhealthy plants, and more. This may be more difficult than resorting to fungicides, insecticides, and chemical weed killers. But it protects your family, friends, and especially your pets who spend a lot of time brushing up against greenery. 

4. Negotiate Deals.

Because you want your pets and your family or friends to enjoy the yard, approach landscape planning like a negotiation. Create pet-friendly zones that cater more to the animals' needs and interests while designing your own spaces too. It's okay to create boundaries with things like boulders and small fences. But make sure they have their own entertainment elsewhere. 

5. Keep It Tidy.

A clean, clutter-free, and well-maintained yard doesn't just look good—it's safer for everyone. Curious dogs and cats will find fewer potential hazards to get into. Clean yards have fewer problems with pests and diseases. And when you discourage native wildlife from making themselves comfortable, your pet is less at risk. So keep up regular care and maintenance all year long. 

Where to Start

Want to make your yard more pet-friendly? Start by consulting with a qualified landscape maintenance service. With their help, you'll find the right compromises and maintenance procedures to keep both the two-legged and four-legged residents happy outdoors. 

Contact a local landscaping service, such as J. L. P. Services, to learn more.