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Tree Maintenance And Care Tips For Homeowners

There are many responsibilities that will come with owning a home. While much of this responsibility will deal with simply maintaining the house itself, the landscaping will also need regular work to keep it in good condition. In particular, the trees growing on the property can require special care to keep them in good condition.

Ineffective Tree Care Can Be Dangerous For Your Property

Caring for the trees on your property can be instrumental in keeping the landscaping attractive, but it can also have a major impact on the overall safety of your property. Failing to care for the trees that are growing can increase the risk of a branch falling or even the entire tree collapsing. While individuals may assume that this is largely a problem that is related to strong storms, it can also be possible for a variety of different health problems to compromise your trees. Pest damage, fungal growths, and bacterial infections can all pose a significant risk to the long-term health of your trees.

Tree Care Involves More Than Just Trimming Dead Branches

There are some homeowners that may only associate tree care services with removing or trimming branches. In reality, these services can offer their clients a full range of different types of assistance. One example of this assistance could be providing routine evaluations of the health of these plants, fertilizing them, using supports to stabilize leaning trees, and even planting entirely new trees on the lot. The versatility of using these services can be a valuable option for a homeowner that is wanting to keep their trees healthy while minimizing both the risks of mistakes occurring as well as the amount of work that they will personally have to do to maintain the trees.

Recently Planted Trees Will Need More Intensive Care

When a homeowner is wanting to add a tree to their property, it can be a common choice to have one transplanted rather than attempting to grow it from a seed. While transplanting the tree can be a much faster option, these trees can require somewhat intensive care when they have first been transplanted. More precisely, the transplanting process can put the tree under intense stress due to the sudden change in the environment and soil. Furthermore, the roots of a recently transplanted tree will need time to grow and develop. During this period, you will have to be careful to ensure that you are adequately watering the tree as the soil near its base may rapidly dry out.

To learn more about tree care, reach out to a landscaper or arborist near you.