Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Sprinkler System Installation

Preparing your lawn for sprinkler system installation is an essential step in ensuring a successful installation and a healthy lawn. A properly prepared lawn will allow for optimal irrigation coverage and efficiency, which can save water, time, and money in the long run — and can prevent you from having to manually move the sprinklers around to ensure that your entire

4 Budget-Friendly Ways To Renovate Your Landscaping Beds In Spring

A lovely yard doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot. Many yards feature landscaping beds that border the home, line a path, or provide a visual interest point in the lawn. Renovating these beds for spring can be a vast improvement to the beauty of your landscaping. 1. Give Everything a Good Trim Trimming back and pruning any perennial plants in the beds is a must. Fo

4 Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn maintenance is an important part of home care in all seasons. Nonetheless, the specific steps to take can vary based on the season. Failure to take appropriate lawn maintenance can result in winter kill. So, use the guideline below to ensure your lawn remains immaculate throughout and after the season. 1. Avoid Salt Damage De-icing products that contain salt may

How To Prevent Weeds From Growing In Your Yard

Weeds make a garden look unkempt and overpower the other plants in the garden, killing them. Plus, they attract pests, such as mosquitos. All yards require weed removal, but homeowners can take steps to prevent excessive weeds, keeping weed control costs minimal. Use these tips to minimize weed growth in your yard.  1. Pull Weeds Pull weeds once they grow la

A Homeowner's Guide To Frost Cracks In Trees

The formation of a frost crack in a tree trunk can be alarming. Often a large cracking sound rings out as the crack forms. You will also notice deep vertical cracks running up the trunk, which may widen or close up in response to changing temperatures. Understanding the phenomenon can help you protect your landscape trees. Causes Frost cracks form on cold, clear winte