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5 Reasons To Hydroseed Your Yard

Installing a new grass lawn can be made much easier with hydroseeding. This method combines grass seed in a slurry with fertilizers, mulch, and amendments, which is then sprayed onto the yard instead of planted using traditional means.

1. Slope Stabilization

Slopes can be difficult to grow grass on, as sod often slumps before it can root and grass seed planted the traditional way may wash down the slope. Hydroseed slurry will adhere to the slope when it is sprayed on, thus ensuring even coverage over even a steep slope. Further, the nutrients and mulch that are combined with the grass seed in the slurry ensure fast and even germination and quick rooting, which will help knit the soil together so that the slope is better stabilized. 

2. Versatile Applications

Hydroseed can be applied in any area of the yard. You can spray hydroseed into narrow side yards that can be difficult to cut sod to fit, for example. Hydroseeding can be used to coat the side of ditches to create a grassy slope or applied over the main level part of your yard in order to grow a lush lawn. Generally, any area with sufficient soil is a good candidate for hydroseed application.

3. Erosion Control

Establishing grass in some areas can be challenging at best. Grass seed often washes away before it can even germinate. The seed, fertilizer, and mulch slurry used to create a hydroseed mix clings to the soil, so it isn't able to wash away easily. Further, hydroseed slurry tends to germinate and begin sending out roots quickly, allowing the young grass plants to establish before erosion becomes a risk. 

4. Time Saving

Sowing seed using traditional methods or laying down sod is time consuming. The area must be prepped first with fertilizers and soil amendments. Seed then needs to be broadcast and carefully watered several times a day for a few weeks. Sod also requires soil preparation along with the work of rolling out and cutting the sod during installation. Hydroseed is sprayed onto the soil, which requires little prep since the hydroseed slurry contains nutrients and mulch already. The slurry retains moisture so that it doesn't dry out as the seeds germinate.

5. Cost Efficient

The only way to get a lawn more quickly than hydroseeding is to install sod, as hydroseeded lawns sprout and establish more quickly than traditionally seeded lawns. Sod can be expensive, though, whereas hydroseeding is comparable in cost with regular seed-grown lawns. This means a quicker lawn with less effort and for less cost.

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