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Bad Winter And Lawn In Bad Condition? Hire A Lawn Care Service To Help

If your lawn sat through a blanket of snow over the winter, it can be hard for it to bounce back in the spring. Fortunately, you can hire a lawn care service to help your lawn after the snow melts. Below are two ways they can do this. 

Fertilizer Treatment

One thing your lawn may need is fertilizer. If the lawn is dry, they will first water it a few days before they apply the fertilizer. They often use a spreader to apply the fertilizer to your lawn to ensure it is applied evenly. There are drop and broadcast


With drop spreaders, the contractor pushes the spreader over the lawn, and it drops the fertilizer as it goes. This type is often used for smaller lawns. A broadcast spreader distributes the fertilizer in a fan-like pattern to cover a wide area of your lawn.  

The contractor then applies the fertilizer to your lawn ensuring they get all the edges as well. They walk over your lawn much like you do when you mow your lawn covering all areas. The lawn care service will ensure the right type of fertilizer is used for your lawn. They may do a soil test to help them determine this. 

Weed Control

The lawn care service can also supply weed killer to the lawn. A common weed that can take over a lawn is crabgrass. Other types of weeds are dandelions, white clover, moss, and nutsedge. 

They can provide you with weed control year-round. They first apply a proactive pre-emergent herbicide to the lawn to stop weeds before they have time to grow. They then use a post-emergent herbicide to kill weeds that are already on your lawn. The lawn care service may pull some weeds by hand if there are not a lot of them. If they do this, they ensure all roots are removed. There are also some fertilizers that contain weed control products as well. 

Most weeds are perennials and can be difficult to control. This is why it is important that you stay on top of this problem starting in the spring.  Another thing they will suggest that you do is to keep your lawn mowed regularly. 

Talk with the lawn care service contractor to learn much more about lawn fertilization and weed control. They can also give you many more tips on keeping your lawn in great shape through the spring, summer, and fall.