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How To Prevent Weeds From Growing In Your Yard

Weeds make a garden look unkempt and overpower the other plants in the garden, killing them. Plus, they attract pests, such as mosquitos. All yards require weed removal, but homeowners can take steps to prevent excessive weeds, keeping weed control costs minimal. Use these tips to minimize weed growth in your yard. 

1. Pull Weeds

Pull weeds once they grow large. Pull the weeds from the root to prevent them from growing back. Dispose of weeds in lawn bags instead of tossing the remains on the ground, where they may grow again. After you pull the weeds, you'll need to take action to discourage future growth without impeding the growth of the other plants.

Pro Tip: It's easiest to pull weeds after a gentle rain when the soil is still wet. 

2. Use Mulch to Suffocate Weeds

At the first sight of weeds, cover them with mulch, a type of dirt for your garden. A 2"-3" layer of dirt will prevent the weeds from growing by blocking their sunlight and absorbing their water. It can also keep the area looking neat. Be careful not to cover the plants you want to continue to grow. 

3. Water Deeply

Weeds develop roots near the soil. The weeds often absorb the local water near the soil, preventing plants with deeper roots from getting water. Instead of watering at the surface, till the soil using a lawn tiller before watering. The lawn tiller uses spikes to dig into your yard, allowing oxygen and water to get to the plants with deeper roots before the weeds. 

4. Mow High

When your desired plants grow higher than the weeds, you want to keep them taller than the weeds in the hope to hinder sunlight and water. However, mowing the lawn can bring plants back down to size with the weeds instead of keeping them tall. When you mow the lawn, set the blades to the highest possible setting to keep the grass towering over the weeds. 

5. Natural Weed Killers 

Research the weeds growing in your yard to find natural weed killers for those particular plants. Common natural weed killers include white distilled vinegar and dish soap. Avoid chemical-based repellants that can damage your yard and your other plants. 

When you take the proper steps to prevent weeds, you won't have to pay as much for weed removal services. These tips should help keep weeds in your yard under control. For more information on weed treatment, contact a professional near you.