Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Landscaping A New Home? Take These Steps Now For Future Success

Once your new construction home is finished, you'll need to complement it with all new landscaping. With few or no structures or greenery to work with, this task is both exciting and overwhelming for many. How can you set it up for success later on? Here are five important steps to take during the construction and planning process. 

1. Keep the Good Soil. Talk with your home builder during the early stages of home construction, asking them to save the good soil as they dig it up. Setting usable soil aside on the property gives you a base for starting a successful lawn and giving plants and trees the nutrients they need. Have it spread out once the heavy equipment is gone. 

2. Add Organic Matter. Plants and trees need more than just dirt. They need the organic materials held within the dirt. This natural additive helps aerate the soil, boosts water drainage and retention, attracts underground fauna that is good for plants, and changes the pH of the soil. Your yard is low on organic matter right now, so get leaves and grass clippings from friends and neighbors and consider store-bought blends. 

3. Choose Hardy Plants. When starting from scratch, begin with the hardiest and most drought-resistant plants. You may need time to get the soil right or understand the specifics of sunlight, breezes, and drainage on your lot. So plant things that take little maintenance, are native to the area, and can withstand the elements. Eventually, you can add things that are more delicate. 

4. Keep the Lawn Smaller. Even if you intend to have a large, lush lawn, it's best to start with a limited one. This allows you to give it more attention and ensure it takes root well. The more room you give the lawn and the less compact the grass is, the more weeds you'll soon have and the more work you'll have to put in. You can always expand once you have a good system in place. 

5. Plant Trees Now. Both your future self and future buyers will thank you for planting trees now. Trees generally take a long time to become large, full, and shady, so get started as early as you can. As long as you choose the right locations carefully, you might also opt for species known for fast growth. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning your post-construction landscape? No matter where you are in the building process, the time to plan for future success is now. Contact a company like Jeff's Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC to learn more.