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Planted A Lot Of New Trees? 2 Tips To Keep Them Maintained

Having trees on your property not only adds to the landscaping but provides shade for your yard. If you just planted a lot of new trees, you need to take proper care of them in the beginning to ensure they grow healthy and strong. Keep reading for two tips to help you do this.

Keep Them Watered

In the beginning, you need to water your trees right after you plant them. After this, water each tree deeply every day. You need to ensure the water gets to the roots of each tree. To do this, you need to water slowly. If you do not do this, the water cannot get to the roots but instead will run off. You can use a garden hose to water your trees. Place the hose on the ground a few inches from the trunk. Turn the water on so that it dribbles slowly. Leave the hose in place for about an hour to give the water time to get to the roots. 

A soaker hose can also be used. This hose has small, perforated holes running the length of it. Water then dribbles out of each hole. Leave the hose in place for about an hour for each tree. This will take time but will ensure your trees get a good start. Water a few inches from the trunk instead of right next to it.  

How much you water your trees and how long you water them daily will depend on the type of trees you planted. Talk with a tree maintenance service or a landscape contractor about this. 

Use Mulch

Put mulch around the base of each tree. This not only helps you when watering but kills grass that is next to the trees. Grass will compete for water and removing it will make it much easier for you to mow. You can use a variety of things for mulch, such as pine straw, leaves, shredded bark, and wood chips. 

Mulch not only retains moisture but also adds nutrients to the soil and keeps the soil from getting too hot or cold. Mulch also prevents weeds from growing near the trees. Place the mulch a few inches from the base of each tree. Never put it right next to the trunk as this can cause rot and increase the chances of pests attacking the tree. Put about two to three inches of mulch around each tree, making it level when finished. Replace the mulch as needed throughout the first growing season. 

A tree maintenance service company can give you much more information on how to maintain your new trees.