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Starting Your Career As An Arborist? Essential Tools You Need To Have

If you're about to embark on a career as an arborist, you're going to need some equipment. Being an arborist is serious business, and it requires the right type of equipment. Being without the right equipment could put an arborist at risk for serious accidents and injuries. If you're not sure what type of equipment to buy, read the list provided below. Here are five types of equipment every arborist should have on hand. 

Safety Equipment

Now that you'll be working as an arborist, you need to have the right safety equipment. Without the right safety equipment, you're at an increased risk for on-the-job injuries. Because you'll be working with chainsaws, and other pieces of heavy equipment, you'll need steel-toed boots. You'll also need to protect your eyes, which means you'll need a pair of protective safety goggles. It's also important that you protect your head, which is why you need to buy at least one safety helmet. 

Trimming Equipment

If you're working as an arborist, you might find yourself trimming trees on a daily basis. Trimming is essential to maintaining tree health. Tree trimming is used to reduce the size of the tree, and to create form and shape. That's why you need to have the right equipment. Some of the tools you need for trimming include saw scabbards, pruners, pole saws, and tree loppers. These tools will help you to ensure proper trimming for the trees you provide care for. 

Cutting Equipment

When you work as an arborist, there are times when simple trimming won't benefit the tree. In those instances, more severe cutting may be necessary. Cutting is often used to remove sections of trees that are diseased or damaged. When cutting is necessary, you need more than your trimming equipment. For those types of jobs, you need heavy-duty equipment. Some of the tools that are required for tree cutting include chainsaws, hand saws, and hatchets. 

Climbing Equipment

When your work involves tending to trees, you can expect to do some climbing. If you haven't done it yet, now's the time to build up your supply of essential climbing equipment. You're going to need a combination of rigging and climbing equipment. The rigging equipment is designed to keep you safe while you climb. Some of the equipment you'll need for rigging and climbing include blocks and pulleys, ascenders and descenders, friction brakes, and rigging plates. For a complete list of climbing equipment, talk to your local arborist supply provider, such as Whispering Pines Landscape. They have all the equipment you need to stay safe on the job.