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Tree Care After The Holidays And Threat Of Winter Storms Has Passed

After the holiday season is over, the landscaping around your home is going to need some care. First, you may want to take down decorations and start preparing to care for your trees before spring. There is some maintenance to do now and some things that need to be done after the last winter storm. The following tree care information will help you care for trees in your landscaping before spring.

Removing Holiday Decorations Without Causing Damage

The decorations that you may have put up during the holidays may need to be taken down. Sometimes, there may be attachments and fasteners in trees that you want to remove carefully to not cause damage. If there were any large decorations set up in tree canopies, you want to check these areas for damage.

Overgrowth That Causes Winter Storm Hazards

The overgrowth of trees can be a serious hazard during winter weather. This is why it sometimes needs to be removed before storms cause damage. The overgrowth may be due to missed pruning last season or just a good season that created a lot of extra growth. When there is heavy overgrowth weighing down branches or threatening your home, it needs to be trimmed before the next storm. Only remove the heavy growth that poses a threat, and leave the rest of the pruning for later in the season.

Emergency Trimming When Trees Need It

When the winter weather brings storms, there may be damaged trees in your landscaping. This can be a serious issue that you want to deal with quickly. When this happens, emergency trimming is needed before the damage to trees gets worse. Weak branches can make trees more vulnerable to storm damage. Therefore, just the affected branches will be removed to protect the trees. The rest of the pruning can be done when it is time for it to be done.

Know When to Start Pruning

The most common tree care question is, "When do you prune trees?" The answer is different depending on the species of trees. Usually, the pruning of most trees is done during the late winter months. You want to prune the growth in the canopies after the last frost. It is important to do this before new growth starts to come in to protect trees from disease and insects.

The trees in your landscaping may need some care before the next winter storm. When you are taking down holiday decorations, make sure the trees don't require any emergency care. Call a tree care service for help with taking care of your trees this winter and pruning before spring weather.