Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Three Options For Land Clearing Debris

Part of the land clearing process is deciding what to do with the amount of debris. For many projects, the debris will range from full trees down to small shrubby growth. Hauling it all to a dump isn't just wasteful, it is also expensive. Fortunately, there are several options available for making better use of the debris so it doesn't just become garbage. Some options may even earn you a few dollars.

1. Harvest Good Timber

If you are clearing a treed lot, chances are you have quite a bit of usable timber. The most obvious type of usable timber comes from trees that can be sold to a sawmill to be turned into boards for building. There may also be the option of selling trees that are only suitable for pulp to a paper mill or similar business with a need for pulp trees. Don't overlook the artisan community, as well. If you have a certain type of tree that are favored by craftsmen and women, such as maple or cherry, you may be able to sell directly to the woodworker.

2. Sell As Firewood

Firewood is a big business in some parts of the country, particularly in rural areas where a lot of people depend on wood heat. If your wood isn't suitable for selling as timber or pulp, or if you simply don't have the market for it, firewood makes an excellent second option. Many land clearing services have the ability to cut the logs down to usable lengths, some may even be able to separate the wood cords for you. In other cases, the service may have a bulk buyer of firewood so they can help you quickly offload the timber so it is off your land.

3. Mulch What Remains

Small trees and shrubs aren't really a commodity when it comes to timber, but that doesn't mean they are useless. Woody brush can be fed through a mechanical mulcher so that it comes out as useful wood chips. You can use the wood chips to mulch your own landscaping, or you can offload them to a landscaping service that has a need for mulch. In some cases, you may even be able to sell the wood chip mulch directly to those in your area that need some for their yards.

Contact a land clearing service to learn more about the options available for reusing the debris.