Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Hotel Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Freshly cut grass and beautifully-manicured bushes and trees may encourage your hotel guests to spend time outdoors. If your landscape maintenance crew has been following a loose schedule and poison ivy or grass and bush overgrowth is becoming a concern, implement some new techniques that will assist with the commercial landscape maintenance needs for your land.

A Professional Job And A Tool Upgrade

Begin the summer on a positive note and become inspired by some new landscaping techniques by having a professional landscaping crew assist with upgrades and standard lawn procedures. Your regular crew may be responsible for handling basic duties but not have the means necessary to complete some fancier landscaping techniques.

A fresh start, which includes having decorative features installed on the property or having pesticides and herbicides sprayed across the lawn may aid in keeping your maintenance crew's duties at a level that is easy for the workers to handle.

If you are impressed with the landscaping techniques that are used during your service appointment, consider upgrading your current tool supply. Replace an old push mower with a ride-on model or invest in pruning shears and ladders, which will make it much easier for your employees to keep up with the trimming of trees and shrubs.

A Spot Check And Weekly Maintenance

Assign one of your landscaping maintenance employees to inspect the hotel grounds at the beginning of each week. During the assessment, request that the employee takes notes, concerning areas that need to be addressed during a normal maintenance session. If any of the issues are a large concern, verbalize that the problem is to be tackled immediately.

Otherwise, use the worker's notes to come up with a gameplan, which involves delegating tasks to each of your landscape workers. If the majority of the landscaping steps are not going to be completed for several days, there will be ample time to gather up the tools and materials that are needed to complete each project.

Maintenance projects should be handled during a time that won't be deemed as inconvenient to your hotel guests. Since many of your guests may prefer to sleep late in the morning, hold off on having the grass cut until the afternoon hours. If your workers are going to be busy with several projects on one day and need to get an early start, instruct them to perform maintenance steps that do not require the use of noisy machinery and to complete the projects that require machinery at a later time.

For more information, reach out to a commercial landscape maintenance service.