Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Lawn Services By Season: Can You Manage It All?

Lawns and yards are not just grass. There is so much involved to keep your landscape attractive, or at the very least, neat. A lot of homeowners do not realize that lawns, when well-kept, are unnatural things. If left up to nature, your grass would be ten to twelve inches high with thousands of weeds sprinkled throughout. The grooming tasks it takes to make a neat yard work against that, and it takes a lot of work to do that and maintain it. If you are not aware of every seasonal task necessary to keep up your yard, here are those tasks by season, and how hiring turf management services can help. 


In spring, it helps to remove excess moisture from your yard. If you have standing pools of water in different areas, draining these areas is necessary to the health of your lawn. You can either install special pipe drains to help with this problem, or use water pumps to pull the excess water off the property and into the street. Once you get these areas dry enough (some moisture is fine), you should use a special weed killer product that prevents and kills water weeds only. These are weeds that like to take root in very wet areas of your lawn, and they grow rapidly while taking root deep in your lawn. Fertilize the rest of the lawn with spring fertilizer. Begin mowing the lawn a few weeks after the final spring thaw, and only after the grass is tall enough and the excess water is gone. 


Grass should be mowed weekly. If your lawn grows particularly fast because of a lot of rain or you have watered it daily in the morning, then the lawn may need mowing two or more times each week. Fertilizer is generally not needed during the hot months, although you may need to water the lawn if there is drought in your area. The lawn service can mow for you, and recommend how often you should water and mow. 


It is typically a good idea to keep mowing the lawn each week until the first hard frost (if applicable). Now is the time to aerate the lawn (lots of tiny holes to help air circulate into the soil), fertilize/feed it, and add weed prevention to help prevent weeds next spring. If you do not have all of these lawn tools, the service company that manages lawns and turf landscapes does have the right tools.