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Commercial Pressure Washing: This Isn't Your Dad's Pressure Washer For Sunday Car Washes!

Remember when your dad would get out the old household pressure washer and turn it on low to wash down the car on Sundays? You were always in awe at how well that machine could blast away a week's worth of dirt. Now imagine that power times ten. That is what a commercial pressure washing machine can do. So, given the amount of power such a machine has, what would you use it for? Here are a couple of options, some of which may surprise you.

Shaping Soil in a Landscape

You have the power to move earth with a commercial pressure washer. It is why some landscaping contractors will use these machines to shape soil. Either they will use it to remove areas of soil and wash it away through a rapid water erosion approach, or they use it to push soil back into mounds and make little hills with it. It can also be used to carve little trenches, in which drainage pipes can be installed, irrigation hoses can be installed, or the landscaper can easily plant perfect rows of flowers and small green plants. 

Blasting Brick Clean

Brick has a way of collecting dirt, mold, mildew, moss, and climbing vines in ways that can make it really difficult to keep clean so that the bricks continue looking nice. If you have a brick driveway, or a brick wall as part of your landscape, the commercial pressure washer will blast away all of the above and make the bricks look clean and new. If your whole house is brick, all the better. Then the commercial washer can easily clean and clear away everything growing on your brick home and strip away plants that might cause weaknesses in the brick walls. 

Cleaning Spray Paint Graffiti off of Everything

Spray paint is not a kind medium. It adheres well to almost every surface and is incredibly difficult to remove. However, a commercial pressure washer removes the spray paint as though the paint were just chalk. It will come off walls, buildings, churches, schools, skyscrapers, sidewalks, driveways, and more. You name it, the graffiti artist has met their match in the commercial pressure washer. The only trouble you will have now going forward is trying to prevent the vandals from repeating the painting process once you have blasted the surfaces clean and removed their "tags." 

For more help, contact a commercial pressure washing service in your area.