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Are You Covered? 4 Reasons You Should Be Using Mulch In Your Yard

When it comes to your yard, you want to make sure that you get every detail right; down to the ground covering you use. If you're not using mulch in your gardens, you're missing out on some vital benefits. Here are just four of the many reasons why you need to be using mulch throughout your yard.

Natural Way to Introduce Nutrients

If you're looking for a way to improve the health of your soil, you should be adding mulch to your gardens. A fresh layer of mulch will help introduce vital nutrients to your soil. This is particularly true if you use organic mulch in your gardens. As the organic mulch decomposes, it releases nutrients into the soil, especially following a deep watering. To ensure maximum benefits, replace the mulch whenever you can see soil peeking through the layers.

Protects Roots From Temperature Extremes

Extreme temperature changes aren't good for plants. Unfortunately, if you live in a region that experiences frigid winters and hot summers, your plants are going to suffer unless you put mulch to work for you. By adding a layer of mulch to all of your gardens, you'll protect delicate root systems from extreme temperature changes. At the start of each season, especially summer and winter, apply a thick layer of mulch over all of your gardens. The mulch will insulate the soil and protect the roots.

Lets You Water Your Gardens Less Often

If you're dealing with drought conditions, keeping your gardens healthy can be difficult. That's because you can't water often enough to keep the soil properly hydrated. As a result, many plants die under drought conditions. One way to offset the drought is to go heavy on the mulch, especially in your gardens. Mulch holds the moisture in place so that you don't have to water your gardens as often, or as long during each session. For maximum drought protection, be sure that your mulch layers are several inches thick throughout your gardens.

Ensures a Safer Play Area for Kids

If you have a play area in your yard, you want to make sure that your children are safe during playtime. Unfortunately, bare soil, concrete, and even gravel won't provide the protection your children need when they're playing. To ensure maximum protection for your children, be sure to use mulch in their play areas. Mulch provides a soft, padded area for your children to play. As an added benefit, mulch is gentler on bare feet.