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Moss Growing On Your Brick Patio? Power Washing May Be The Answer You Need

If moss threatens to take over your brick patio, take action to remove it now. Moss is one of the hardiest plants in nature, but it can also be one of the most persistent and difficult to remove plants once it takes over your property. The plant usually shows up on organic surfaces that harbor or hold on to moisture, such as natural stone, cement, and roofing shingles. One of the most effective ways to clean your brick patio is to have it power washed by a place like KANSAS CLEAN PROPERTIES. Here are things to know about power washing and how you can use it to clean your patio.

Why Should You Have Your Patio Power Washed?

If you're currently using a garden hose to clean your patio, stop and power wash it instead. Although a garden hose can clean many things around your home, the tool might not be the best option for cleaning your patio. You need something stronger to blast away the moss growing on your patio's bricks.

Unlike a garden hose, which relies on nozzles to release water, a power washer uses pressurized water jets to clean surfaces. Water jets create an immense of power to clear away dirt, oil, and even unwanted plant life. Power washers can use electrical power or natural fuel, including gasoline.

The equipment also requires the use of different attachments to clean surfaces. The attachments can allow a user to clean delicate surfaces, such as roofing shingles and granite, without damaging them.

Although you can power wash your patio yourself, it's wiser to have a landscaper do it for you. Power washing machines and equipment require special care and preparation before you use them. For example, some electric power washers produce a great deal of energy when you use them. If you don't use the right type of electrical outlet, plug, or another source to supply the equipment, it could place too much strain on your home's electricity.

Now that you see the benefits of power washing your brick patio, you can contact a landscaper to get started.

How Will a Landscaper Clean Your Patio?

Once a landscaper arrives to your home, they'll use their power washing equipment to clean the surfaces of your patio bricks. Moss can leave behind an unsightly green stain on the bricks and other surfaces, so it's important to clean the patio thoroughly.

A landscaper may also wash out the crevices and cracks between each brick. Moss can grow along the inner surfaces of the bricks as well. The plant can spread to the cleaned surfaces of your bricks in the future if a landscaper doesn't remove all of it.

A landscaper may add a moss inhibitor or a pre-emergent herbicide product to the power washer's water supply during the cleaning. The products ensure that moss doesn't grow back on your patio bricks within a set time period. A landscaper can discuss the pros and cons of using each product with you during the visit.

After a landscaper cleans your patio bricks, consider trimming or pruning your shade trees. Moss doesn't grow well in direct sunlight, so you want to make your patio and property as open and sunny as you can. A landscaper can possibly trim or prune your trees for you.

You can also close your patio umbrellas and awnings during the day to allow more sunlight to reach the bricks. The sunlight can help dry up any moisture that penetrates your patio bricks when it rains or when the weather becomes too humid.

If you're ready to remove the moss from your patio, contact a landscaper for services today.