Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Three Fuss-Free Landscaping Essentials

Busy homeowners who work hard during the day appreciate coming home to a well-tended outdoor living space in which to relax, entertain, or simply enjoy spending time with their families. However, they don't appreciate toiling in their yard and garden area for hours each week in order to make this pleasant and attractive atmosphere a reality. Fortunately, there are many strategies available for modern homeowners to keep the yard work to a minimum that don't result in a ragged, unkempt appearance. Following are three of them. 


Large lawns are becoming a thing of the past in favor of more usable spaces that require less maintenance. Using brick, stone, or other paving materials to create an attractive surface is a popular option among those seeking to keep lawn chores to a minimum. This also reflects current trends that blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Patios of the past almost seemed like afterthoughts and were often only large enough to hold a small barbecue and a four-person outdoor dining set. Today's oversized patios often hold tables large enough to host dinner parties, fully fledged outdoor kitchens, secluded reading nooks and other seating areas, and fire pits. 

Smart Irrigation Systems  

Even homeowners who opt to increase their hardscaping still want a certain amount of green space. Keeping lawns and landscaping properly watered can be tedious and time consuming if done the old-fashioned way. Today's technology, however, provide smart residential irrigation systems that can be programed in a variety of ways to meet the needs and preferences of individual homeowners. For instance, you can set your irrigation system on a timer so that you never have to be bothered with turning your faucet on or off again or keeping track of how long the sprinkler has been on. 

Smart irrigation systems can also be equipped with sensors designed to make them turn off it it begins to rain. You can also control this type of irrigation system from a remote location using your smart phone. Contact a company specializing in commercial irrigation systems, like Ronco  Irrigation Inc, to find out more about setting up an irrigation system in your lawn.

Plant Low Maintenance Shrubs and Trees

Homeowners often fall in love with beautiful blooming shrubs and trees in the nursery and then find themselves spending a lot of time babying these plants along in order to keep them looking their best. Your local landscaping professional can provide you with plenty of ideas for trees and shrubs that remain attractive without the homeowner having to go to a great deal of fuss.