Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

3 Tips For Using Mulch Around Your Plants

Mulch is an extremely affordable and useful material to use in your landscaping. While mulch is commonly used, there are many people that will simply fail to take the full advantage of these materials. This can create situations where they are not getting the most effective use of their mulch, but a handful of simple guidelines can help to avoid performance-compromising mistakes.

Keep The Mulch Relatively Loose

You may have the tendency to pack your mulch as tightly as possible, or you may assume that this will help it to be more effective. However, it is generally preferable to keep the mulch somewhat loose. This will help to create air pockets between the various pieces of mulch, which can have the effect of helping to improve the insulating qualities of the mulch.

Use Weed Netting In Conjunction With Mulch for the Best Results

One of the more common reasons for using mulch is to reduce the ability of weeds to germinate near your plants. This is due to the fact that it can be very difficult for weeds in the soil to push through the layers of mulch. While mulch is an extremely effective tool for preventing weed growths, you may find that you can further enhance its effectiveness by placing a layer of weed netting over the top of it. This will intercept any weeds that may attempt to germinate on the top of the mulch. If you are worried about this interfering with the appearance of your mulch, you may place a thin layer of mulch over the top of it to help keep it discreet without damaging its performance.

Avoid Placing The Mulch Too Close To The Base Of The Plant

Where you place the mulch can be another important factor. If you are placing the mulch too close to the base of the plant, you may be putting the plant at a higher risk of suffering damage. This is due to the fact that the mulch may trap water against the base of the plant, and this can cause it to rot or otherwise become diseased. Preventing this problem is simple as you will only need to keep the mulch at least a few inches from the base of the plant. While you may be worried about this interfering with the performance of the mulch, this should not be a major concern as this area will usually be heavily shaded, which can minimize the growth of weeds.

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