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Three Ways A Puppy Can Damage Your Yard And Tips On How To Prevent The Damage From Occurring

A puppy can be a great addition to your family because they are adorable and allow your children to be responsible for something other than themselves. The only downside to getting a puppy is the problems they can cause in your yard. The following guide walks you through a few ways a puppy could cause damage to your yard and what you can do to minimize the damage as much as possible.

Yellow Spots in the Yard

When you get a new puppy, you'll discover that their urine can damage the grass in your yard. It can cause the grass to become discolored and even die. To avoid having patches of yellow or piles of feces randomly placed throughout your yard, designate one area solely for the dog to use when they need to relieve themselves. You could put up a small fence around the perimeter of the area so that the puppy can easily distinguish where they are and are not supposed to relieve themselves.

Holes in the Yard

There are some puppies who enjoy digging holes and hiding things in them. This can lead to your dog digging numerous holes in your yard, destroying the overall look you have worked so hard to create. To avoid numerous holes being dug in your yard, try to get your puppy as much exercise as you can. Take them on numerous walks, and play fetch with them as much as you can. When the puppy is in the yard, be sure that someone is outside monitoring them to ensure they do not start digging.

Damage to Your Flowerbeds

Many puppies are very intrigued by flowers. When they watch the flowers blow in the wind, it catches their attention and often makes the puppy think the flowers are something to play with. To avoid devastation being caused to your flowerbeds, create a perimeter around them. This will keep the puppy out of the beds and allow your flowers to bloom and look beautiful.

If you notice that the puppy does cause any damage to the yard, contact a professional landscaper at a company like Heritage Lawn & Landscape LLC right away. They will have the experience and supplies needed to be able to repair any damage that the puppy may have caused quickly and easily. They may also be able to give you tips to ensure that no other damage is done to your yard by the puppy in the future. The landscaper more than likely knows tips and tricks you have never heard of before that can be very helpful to you.