Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Three Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

Health problems for your lawn can severely impact the appearance of your property. When you are looking to protect the appearance of your landscaping, you will want to be aware of several basic guidelines that can help you with keeping your lawn green and lush.

Aerate The Soil

The compactness of the soil where the grass is growing is a key factor in determining the overall health of the grass that is growing. This is due to the fact that the roots of the grass will have to grow through the soil. In situations where the soil is extremely compact, the roots of the grass will experience a much more difficult time growing. This can lead to bald spots where the grass will not grow. Luckily, it is possible to aerate the soil so that these problems can be mitigated. This is done by removing plugs of soil from the ground with a special device. Due to the fact that the roots of the grass are fairly shallow, these plugs will not need to be deep. While it is possible to hire a professional to perform this work on your lawn, you may also be able to do this work yourself by buying an aerator attachment for your lawnmower.

Have A Nutrient Analysis Performed

Grass will have fairly intensive nutrient needs to keep it vibrant. Unfortunately, the soil around your house may not have sufficient amounts of the nutrients that your grass requires. Having a nutrient analysis of the soil performed will enable you to know the nutrients and fertilizer that you will need to add to the soil for the grass to be at optimal health. Interestingly, the nutrient composition of your soil can change over time. As a result, it can be wise to perform one of these tests before the start of each growing season so that you will know the fertilizers that you should use.

Act Quickly When You Notice Health Problems With The Grass

Eventually, your lawn will likely experience health problems. These problems will often stem from disease or pests targeting the roots of the grass. Due to the fact that the roots of your lawn will be interwoven, it can be possible for these health problems to quickly spread throughout the lawn. Determining the cause of these health problems will require the experience of a trained professional as they will be able to interpret the symptoms and administer tests to identify the cause of the problem.

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