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Lawn Mower Repair: 3 Potential Problems And How To Solve Them

Got mower problems? Has your lawn mower decided to not start for you? Has it stopped on you in the middle of your yard? Regular lawn mower maintenance can usually prevent these types of problems from happening, while also extending the life of your equipment. However, even with that TLC, general wear and tear can lead to a problem occurring at some point in time. So, when that happens, you need to know what to do. Here are a few problems that you may face and what to do:

Your Lawn Mower Will Not Start.

When your lawn mower doesn't start, the first thing you want to check it the gas tank. Another issue that you could have is that you have dirty fuel in the tank (last year's gas). If this is the case, drain the gas and add fresh fuel. Other issues could be:

Your Lawn Mower Stops While Mowing.

So, you are in the middle of mowing your lawn when all of a sudden your mower starts puttering and stops in the middle of your yard. You try to start it back, but nothing. Here is what may be wrong:

Your Lawn Mower is Smoking.

This is probably a bit more alarming to you than the above two issues. However, as a general rule, it isn't as serious as you think that it is. When your mower begins to smoke, look for these two things:

In addition to the above, your lawn mower can smoke when there is too much oil in the chamber or if oil is leaking out onto the muffler (possibly from the lawn mower leaning to the side slightly). You should become concerned when the smoke is a light color and also have trouble with the mower operating.

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