Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Use The Winter Months To Plan Next Spring's Landscaping

Even though it might be kind of sad to say goodbye to summertime fun, waiting for next spring and summer is a great time to plan your landscaping for 2018. From making an assessment to including a swimming pool installation, here are some ideas that might help you to use the winter months to plan next spring's landscaping.

Start With An Assessment - Consider taking some time to actually write down things that need to be done. For example, write down the plants that flourished in your backyard so that you can buy the same ones when spring arrives. Note things like seat cushions that might need to be replaced and whether you want to switch things around. For example, if you want to move your vegetable garden to a sunnier space, make note of that so you can plan accordingly.

Consider big changes that you want to make while you are doing your assessment. For example, have you been thinking about installing a swimming pool in your back yard? If so, make an assessment of where you think it would the best. As you make that part of the assessment, consider whether you also want to to add a hot tub or a changing house to the design.

The Swimming Pool Addition - If you have decided definitely to have a swimming pool installed in your backyard, these fall and winter months are more than likely a good time to do that. Just think: by spring, the pool will probably be ready to be used. Talk to a representative from a swimming pool company, like the one represented at, to get his or her input on how to proceed. That person will have the experience and the training to give you good direction. 

For example, the swimming pool installer will help you to decide on the shape of the pool that would best fit in with your backyard size and shape. He or she will probably give you good advice on whether to make a hot tub part of the swimming pool or whether to place it apart, while still keeping it close to the pool. The pool installer will more than likely have pictures of past work that the company has done, and you might even be able to visit the location of other pools that the company has installed. 

Think about looking at pictures in garden decor magazines before you meet with the swimming pool installer. You might find things like rock water falls that you want included in the design of your swimming pool.