Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Four Unique Ways To Edge Your Garden

Creating a beautiful landscape for your property might include adding a garden, but you'll also want a beautiful border for this portion of your landscape. There are many different options for edging your garden to consider. Use this guide to help find a unique landscape supplies and designs that add a special touch to your landscaping.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing for gardens can add a vintage look to your property. This type of fencing stands several inches above your garden, and it comes in a range of swirling designs. Wrought iron is a perfect option for a Victorian or other vintage-style home, and it can be accented with matching garden stakes with stained glass adornments, such as butterflies or dragonflies. To install this type of edging, you'll need to dig into the earth surrounding the garden to provide secure footing for each section of fence.

Painted Rocks

If you want a fun touch for your yard and you enjoy DIY projects, consider using simple rocks. Paint them in a variety of colors or designs to create a rainbow of hues to surround your garden. You can even get your little ones in on the fun by making the rock painting a family project. Challenge them to create rocks with their names on them, and have them paint different designs to see who can come up with the most imaginative design. You can then simply arrange the rocks around the edge of your garden.

Terra Cotta Roof Tiles

Terra cotta roof tiles can be placed on their ends to create a type of fence around the garden, or then can sit flat for a handsome addition to your garden. Terra cotta tiles are ideal for Southwest-inspired homes, and they are particularly perfect if you have a terra cotta roof. If you are crafty, you can also use terra cotta pots, either placed upside down in a row around the garden or cut in half to mimic the look of the tiles. Leave them unfinished, or add a glaze for a custom look.

Wood Logs

To create a natural look around your garden, consider using wood logs. You can purchase logs to create your edge at your local lumber yard or home improvement store, which can be cut to size to meet your needs. Consider having the logs at varying heights to bring an interesting look to your garden. You can also purchase logs made specifically for this type of edging at a local nursery or online.

Look for different ways to customize each of these options, and choose the one that meets your design aesthetic and the look of your home. With the right touches, you can create a lush garden to complement your landscaping. For more information, contact companies like Lones Stone & Landscape Supply.