Tips for Successful Landscaping Projects

Add Festive Fall Decor On The Property Surrounding Your Bungalow

If you recently purchased a bungalow nestled in a woodsy area and love your new abode, but feel that it is lacking personal touches due to the minuscule landscaping outdoors, provide your property with festive fall decor by utilizing pine straw, leaves, and mums purchased from a nursery by completing the project below. The simple upgrade will provide your land with a well-manicured appearance and will be the first thing that your family members and friends see as they approach your home this holiday season.

You Will Need

Rake, Prepare A Plot, And Plant Mums

Walk around the perimeter of your home and choose an area that you would like to enhance. Of course, if you are going to have quite a few visitors this holiday season, you will want to add decor to the front of your property. Fall decorations can be added near the edge of your property or next to the front of your home. Use a rake to collect piles of pine straw and leaves that are next to the property that you are going to be decorating.

Leave the piles of straw and leaves on the ground so that you can scoop up the yard debris after you have created a flower bed. Use a garden hoe to loosen the soil that will be used to contain a row of mums. After digging small holes across the length of the flowerbed, plant one mum inside of each one. Grasp the center of each mum to help steady the plants as you cover their roots with soil. Water the soil surrounding each mum. 

Install A Border Around Plants And Add A Layer Of Pine Straw

Purchase interlocking pavers or bricks to outline the mums. These type of landscaping materials will remain stable and will help contain pine straw that is placed in the center of the flowerbed. After the pavers or bricks have been added, use a shovel to transfer pine straw to the bed. Spread the pine straw around each plant and cover the center of the flowerbed with an evenly dispersed layer of straw.

Fill Baskets With Leaves, Small Pumpkins, And Gourds

Place a couple of large baskets next to the pile of leaves that you collected. Choose leaves that are colorful and that do not have visible signs of damage. Fill each basket with the leaves you have selected. Set one basket on each end of the flowerbed. Purchase some small pumkins and gourds and place several of them in each basket. 

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