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Reasons To Remove A Tree From Your Yard

No one likes losing a tree from their yard, but sometimes it's inevitable. If a tree is dying or already dead, it can be a danger to your home, your neighbor's home, and even your family members. An unhealthy tree is prone to losing branches or even falling over during rain or wind storms.

While you can do the tree removal yourself if you have the proper tools, it may be more convenient and even safer option to hire a professional tree removal company to do it for you. Not only will the company cut the tree down, it will also remove it from your yard and properly dispose of it. You'll also need to consider if you want to dig up the roots as well or leave a stump behind. 

Here are some common reasons for removing a tree from your yard:

1. A Sick Tree 

While we all want to see our trees healthy and thriving in our yards, they can end up becoming diseased, most typically from fungi. Certain types of insects can also deposit bacteria on leaves, which can eventually damage the tree's water-conducting tissues. 

It may take a while for a tree to completely succumb to a disease, with the process generally beginning with dead, brown leaves. If you know a tree is dying and it can't be saved, you'll need to consider cutting it down as soon as possible. If your area experiences high winds, or if the tree's branches get coated with heavy snow or ice, your home may be at risk from falling limbs.

2. Property Damage

Over time, the roots of a majestic, old tree may run out of space and begin pushing up through the ground. If the roots are under a sidewalk, they can damage the concrete, creating an unsightly and dangerous scenario. 

Tree roots can also damage other property, such as your home or garage. If a tree begins to rip up through the ground, it may be time to have it removed from your yard.

3. Humidity Control

If you live in a humid, damp climate, the trees in your yard may cause your property to become prone to mold and mildew. If a tree's leaves don't allow sunlight to reach wood decks, railings, stones, or any other area of your home, too much moisture can build up.

Also, if falling leaves are left on the ground and become damp, they can damage, or even kill, your grass. If you don't want the hassle of raking and removing leaves from your lawn, you may need to reduce the amount of trees in your yard.