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Landscaping Around A Pool? Factors To Keep In Mind When Selecting Trees, Grasses, And Plants

If you have just had an in-ground pool constructed, you may be ready to complete the landscaping portion of the project. Adding in plants, shrubs, trees, and grasses can add the final touches that transform your space into the lush outdoor oasis that you have envisioned. However, when you are selecting trees, plants, and grasses for around the pool, there are a few elements you need to consider. Here are a few of the factors you need to keep in mind as you go about selecting items to plant around the pool:

If the Plant Attracts Pests

When you are selecting grasses, trees and plants to plant around your new pool, take the time to learn what pests the plant attracts. Some plants attract bees. If you have children splashing and playing in your pool, you may not want a large number of bees flying around the pool. Likewise, some types of groundcover attract local snakes. Always pay close attention to what pests may be attracted to the plants you plant and decide whether you would be bothered if those pests were by your pool. 

If The Tree Drops Leaves

Another important factor to consider when selecting trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants is whether they drop their leaves, or other items, like seed pods. The more material that falls from the plant, the more material that will end up in your pool. This can cause you to have to clean your pool more frequently. And in some cases, larger, thicker items like acorns or fruit from trees, can even clog your pools filtration system. Always learn about the cycle of the plant you are considering and what items the plant drops during the course of their life cycle. 

How Large the Root System Can Grow

The last factor that you need to consider when you are landscaping around a pool is how large the root system can grow. Tree root systems can range in size. If you are planting a tree near the edge of your pool, and it has a large root system, that root system may eventually cause the concrete surround around your pool to break or can even grow around the foundation of your pool, causing major structural problems. Always learn how large the root system can grow so you know how close or far away from the pool it can be planted. 

Landscaping around a pool is a bit different than landscaping in an open space. If you are looking to make the outdoor space around your pool pop with the use of plants, a landscaper can help to select plants that best meet your needs and are ideal to use around a pool.