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3 Details To Help You Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Green

Your lawn can help make or break the appearance of your home, and the manner in which you water it can affect this appearance. Here are three details to remember when watering your lawn to grow and keep a healthy and lush lawn:

Time of Day

The time of day you water your lawn can greatly affect the health and condition of your lawn. It is recommended to water your lawn early in the morning, such as just before the sun rises or after it has just risen. This prevents the sun from becoming too hot in the sky, especially during summer, and evaporating the water before it has a chance to get to your lawn's roots. Watering at this time of day also prevents the water from sitting on your lawn and at its roots for too long, which can cause fungus and disease in your lawn. If you water in the evening, any water remaining on your lawn can cause these issues to arise when the moisture remains in your lawn's roots overnight.

If you are using a sprinkler system installed in your lawn, the timer on the programmable controls can allow you to set your sprinklers to turn on at any time of the day. Then, you don't have to get up early every morning to manually water your lawn.

Frequency and Duration

The best way to water your lawn a sufficient amount is by watering in less frequent, longer watering sessions. For example, instead of watering your lawn three times a week for twenty minutes each time, it is better to water your lawn twice each week for 30 minutes each time. This provides the appropriate amount of water but lets the water seep further into the soil. Watering your lawn in this manner promotes your lawn's roots to grow more deeply, which helps make your lawn healthier and less prone to disease and sun scorch.


When you water your lawn, you should water it using sprinklers that water exactly where you want the water to be delivered. You don't want to have any water over-spray onto nearby bedding soils or pavements, as the overspray onto soil can cause soil erosion and onto pavement will cause the water to evaporate unused.

Watering with a planned sprinkler system helps direct the water into each corner and nook of your lawn so you don't leave any lawn under- or unwatered, causing dead spots and weed growth. Placing mobile sprinklers onto your lawn each time can cause your watering to be uneven and of a varying spray each time you water.

You can also select sprinklers for your lawn's system which save on the water they use. Some types of lawn sprinklers spray low to the ground to prevent being blown by the wind or evaporating from the sun's heat. Contact a company like Boehm Landscape Inc for more information and assistance.