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Keeping It Simple—5 Common Landscape Complaints That Can Be Solved By A Tree

It can sometimes feel like a constant struggle to create and maintain a yard landscape that looks great, costs little, and works well. But before you spend a lot of time and money to fix problems and improve your yard design, think about how much you can do with something as simple as a tree in the right place. 

What can a tree do for your yard? Here are 5 backyard problems that can be solved with as little as one tree.

Dry Lawn. If you water repeatedly but still suffer from a thirsty, brown lawn, look upward. Many lawns are in full sun much of the time, increasing evaporation and heat. Adding a shade tree or two in the right places can help you give the lawn cover and allow water to seep in rather than evaporate. Keep coverage even by having the trees trimmed to ensure the right amount of shade across the lawn. 

Pool Utility Bills. Similar to the problems with a lawn in full sunlight, a pool with no shade can experience higher evaporation. In addition, wind sweeping over the water increases water loss. Planting trees at the right angle can help both of these issues. Place trees so that they aren't directly over the pool but provide shade during the hottest part of the day or block the most likely wind direction. Regular tree trimming helps keep branches and leaves from becoming a mess in the water. 

Privacy. If you live in a busy neighborhood, you may have less privacy than you'd like. Instead of trying to build high fences or other strategic hardscaping, plant a few fast-growing trees to form a wall of greenery. Evergreens work well since they're full all year long. Many varieties of poplar, myrtle, and maple also grow quite fast. 

Hot Interior Rooms. If your home lacks outside shade trees, the sun can naturally heat it up during the day...forcing you to pay to cool it artificially. To help cool things down, plant shade trees around windows that face the afternoon sun. Depending on the shape and height of your house, you may want to plant tall trees like American Beech or American Elm to shade the hottest side of the house. Tall trees can be hard to work with, so you may want to have a professional tree trimming service keep them in the right shape to cool off your home. 

Outdoor Room. Having an outdoor room adds to the functionality of the house, but you need to be able to use the space all year long to get the most from it. If you're on a tight budget, using a tree as a roof for the outdoor room is an easy solution. Palm trees or banana plants provide shade with little mess from dropping leaves.

It's clear that trees are an inexpensive investment that can reap many rewards in your backyard, ranging from lower utility bills to more guest comfort. For more information, contact a local tree trimming service.